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Guy Phillipe di se YOURY LATORTU avec 4 lot senateur ki fe konplo an

Guy Phillipe denonce le senateur Youri et quatre autres senateurs dans son dossier,gade video a pou nou konn non lot yo!!!

Your Mini-Guide for Two-Wheeler Insurance

The name itself describes that this insurance policy provides coverage against the financial liability that one may incur in case of any damage, or theft, or third party damage that is caused by your vehicle. A proper insurance policy for your bikes and two-wheeler can help you save money in the case of loss of vehicle or in case of requirement of extensive repairs. With the right policy in place, you can enjoy peace of mind, at least as far as your vehicle is concerned.

Why You Need Insurance

Accidents do not happen with a warning and can catch us unaware. Vehicle insurance helps ensure that you remain well-prepared financially as well as mentally in case of such eventualities.

A. Insurance for two-wheeler is actually a mandate by law

B. Insurance provides financial protection in case of damage, theft or if your vehicle is the cause of disability or death of a third party

C. The opportunity to avail a No Claim Bonus, which further adds to the margin and is adjusted against the premium

Features and Benefits

The usual comprehensive cover insurance policies for two-wheeler, offers a number of features and benefits to the policy holder. Though the actual list may vary with each company, the general features and benefits offered are as follows:

1. Limited documentation and fast turnaround times

2. Availability of cashless services across a range of network garages

3. Personal accident coverage for the owner, as well as the option to buy add-on cover fir co-passengers

4. No Claim Bonus is applicable for renewals in the previous policy term saw no claims

5. Freedom to change insurer with the option to take along the accumulated No claim bonus

6. A number of discounts are offered, based on the satisfaction of certain conditions like the installation of a specific anti-theft device or membership to specified associations

7. A wide range of add-on covers are also available to cover situations that are not taken care of in the main insurance policy

There are a number of companies that offer a variety of bike insurance policies today. Every insurance policy has its own set of coverage inclusions as well as exclusions. Choosing the two wheeler insurance that suits your needs and requirements the best should only be done after due consideration of all the factors that are involved. Apart from the insurer, there are also different types of policies, while some might be happy with a liability only policy, others might prefer the more extensive coverage of a comprehensive insurance. Due research is a must before you buy the right insurance policy for your two wheeler.

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